Our expert service and special Equipment helps us repair any heidenhain scales and encoders found on the swiss edm machines.
We can clear ENDAT faults and retore scale functionality with great success.

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Complete Encoder Analysis

The encoder is connected directly to the inspection device. This enables a comprehensive functional analysis of the encoder.

we are able to test wide variety of units including but not limited to:

• EnDat 3 (ordering designations: E30-R2, E30-R4, E30-RB, E30-R8)* • EnDat 2.2 (EnDat 2.1/EnDat 2.2, without incremental signals; ordering designations: EnDat22, EnDat21) • EnDat 2.1 (EnDat 2.1/EnDat 2.2 with incremental signals; ordering designations: EnDat0x, EnDatHx, EnDatTx) • DRIVE-CLiQ

 • Fanuc Serial Interface 

• Mitsubishi high speed interface 

• Panasonic Serial Interface 

• Yaskawa Serial Interface 

• SSI 

• 1 VPP (3 VPP for servicing purposes only) 

• 1 VPP with Z1 track 

• 11 µAPP (25 µAPP for servicing purposes only) 

• TTL 

• HTL (via signal adapter, for servicing purposes only

In-Loop Testing

The PWM inspection device is linked into the closed control loop. This makes real-time diagnostics of the encoder possible in the machine or multi-machine system during operation. The functions depend on the interface.

Scale Errors on Charmilles machines

Scale Errors on any machine can be solved with this unit

Scale Repair and Test

  • • Functional testing
  • • Fault analysis
  • • Cleaning
  • • Updating
  • • Troubleshooting
  • • Final functional testing
  • • 12-month guarantee on the entire device

On request, we’ll provide a repair report about the given fault and the measures performed.